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About Khopo

Khopo Started way back in 2014 when the penetration of internet was just getting started. We used to sell our products through facebook pages and promotions. In 2015 we created a website and named it Khopo. People back then did'nt knew how to place order on website, it was a tough time.

Building customers trust was another challenge. Due to to the raise of fraud in MLM's and shopping, people hardly trusted any businesses, mainly online shopping. We had the vision of not just starting a company but an ecommerce industry that would have a significant impact in Nepal’s economy for generations to come.

Started with small room, we didnot have enough products and capital to go big. Now we have enough space where we can handle our store, dispatching unit, delivery and other business functions smoothly.

Khopo is trying to be the best online shopping in Nepal by providing varieties of unique products, fast delivery and cheapest quality products. On the other hand, we provide a platform for our vendors to cater to millions of customers without additional cost to their business.  

Branded products at low price are our general feature. Khopo is making delivery all over Nepal. Well known business men, market researchers and intellectuals are handling this company. Khopo is reliable, trusted and emerging ecommerce having well known international reputation with popular international brand. Customers can buy any items with full of trust and security. We offer products almost in wholesale price so that customers can enjoy high quality products with cheapest price.

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