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Pure Copper Water Bottle For Ayurvedic Health Benefits (Joint Free & Leak Proof)- 900Ml

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  • Capacity: 900ml
  • Material: Copper
  • Copper helps in preventing cancer.
  • Helps in regulating women's healthy menstrual periods.
  • Helps in regulating obesity.
  • Helps in regulating thyroid glands.
  • Helps in maintaining digestive health.
  • 900 Ml bottle capacity

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  • For Pure Copper Items: Like a fine wine, our products get Better with age. INCREASES WATER CONSUMPTION, REDUCES WEIGHT & JOINT PAIN: The water tastes absolutely amazing if stored overnight and it makes you drink more, and more water which is definitely healthy and this in turn helps In weight loss and reduces join pain.
  • Comes with Guide Book of Rastogi Handicrafts Genuine Product, it kills the undesirable bacteria and viruses and the resultant water gets charged with the health benefitting qualities of the copper
  • Copper melts away the excess fat. Copper water helps in maintaining digestive health, reduces fat and alleviates excess obesity. Traditional Pure Copper Drink ware Bottle Utensils for Indian Ayurveda Health Benefits.
  • Bottle as Showing in Image without any logo, 900ML bottle capacity

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